Dr Michael D. Seidman, MD ViSalus Products- (Consultant for the NFL, NHL and NBA.)

99.myvi.net Dr. Michael Seidman, Director of Product Research and Development for ViSalus Sciences and the 90 Day Health Challenge. http Over 20 years ago, Dr Seidman, recognized that most nutritional supplements just aren’t made with enough of the right kinds of vitamins and minerals to protect our bodies from the effects of aging, contemporary diets, hectic lifestyles and a polluted environment. He has devoted over 25 years of in-depth study and documented clinical research to precisely understand what our bodies really need from vitamin supplements. The result is ViSalus Sciences- scientifically formulated and clinically tested nutritional supplements; created by really adhering to what our bodies are telling us we need for a healthier, better quality life." Dr. Seidman’s Background: Michael D. Seidman, MD attained both his BS in Human Nutrition and MD from the University of Michigan. Additionally, he is an active scientist and has extramural funding from the National Institute of Health and other major institutions. He is considered an expert on the molecular basis of aging, nutrition/antioxidants and their relationship to health and aging, and herbal therapies. He lectures around the world on such topics; has more than 80 major publications; numerous awards including being honored as one of the top 1% of Doctors in the USA, and has been awarded a US patent on a supplement that positively effects age-related hearing loss and has several patents pending on aging <b>…</b>

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